eSmart – Online Education & Learning WordPress Theme

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eSmart is an e-learning WordPress theme that is suitable for a website for online education establishments, online courses, e-learning & certificate programs and continuing education programs.


A lifetime learning is one of the essentials of our century, and right now there are thousands of different online courses, training and programs, that can help people improve their qualification level, skills and increase their professional degree. That is why, if you’re willing to promote learning among others, you need to have a personal website and there is no better and, most importantly, easier way to to that is getting our eSmart online learning WordPress theme!

eSmart WordPress theme for onlinr courses and e-programs is absolutely adaptive, has a cross-browser compatibility and is backed up by a good documentation! Literally any element of the theme can be changed in the admin or customizer panel!
Plenty of options for the best looks and maximum productivity for your future website!Stop wasting time on the internet and create an educational space while at the same time contributing to an e-learning community!

Notice, that this theme is distributed according to the terms of GPL 3 License.


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